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How Does a DogWatch Hidden Fence Work?

A buried wire carries harmless radio signals around a boundary that you designate. Your dogs wears a small receiver on his collar that identifies the boundary and warns him when he gets too close.

Will it Hurt my Dog?

Stimulation has been used in dog training for over 40 years. The correction is strong enough to reinforce your dog’s good behavior, not to hurt him.

Will the hidden fence work for more than one

Yes! There is no limit to the number of dogs, and all receivers can be custom set for each dog contained.

What’s the Difference Between DogWatch and Other Brands?
  • All other systems use an AM radio frequency which is susceptible to false corrections even when the dog is not near the fence.
  • Most receivers have a 2yr battery life, 8 times longer than other brands. When the battery runs out, guess who else runs out? Batteries cost a fraction of what will be spent with other systems and are better for the environment. Batteries can be purchased from any source, saving the cost of a service call for replacement.
  • All receivers have a battery status light indicating battery power and training level.
  • Receivers are equipped with a correction level that is an audible only reminder on approach.
  • Offers the broadest pet training range, whether your dog is very timid or highly energetic.
  • As an owner, you can adjust the programmable receiver to the training level best for your pet.
  • Built with both internal and external surge protection against lightning.
You Didn’t Install My Hidden Fence. Can You Repair It?

Yes! We easily can repair your wire break(s) and it would be our pleasure to assist you. We cannot repair your existing components; as we’re an FM signal and they’re AM. We can however, offer you the best available product in our industry with our competitive replacement option. Call us for a free at home estimate. 888-749-2657

What is DM? Is this Important to Me?

Digital modulation (DM) is a generic term. DM is not a form of a signal. In the pet containment industry, all AM and FM signals are DM; similar to what you would find in a car radio. All fences use forms of Amplitude Modulation (AM). DogWatch is the only vendor in the pet containment industry with Frequency Modulation (FM). The differences between AM and FM are substantial:

AM receivers are susceptible to interference from other products such as computers, garage door openers, and televisions.

FM signals are used by police, fire, and aircraft equipment because the reception is much more immune to interference.

DogWatch is the only manufacturer of Hidden Fences with a patented FM radio signal. FM is more secure and offers major safety advantages for you and your pet.

Can you Install a Fence in the Winter and Will it Work?

Yes! We work all year round. For every dog there is a reason. For every fence, we cover all seasons. A winter install exists of laying the wire on the ground or on or in the snow. We complete all the components, and return in spring to bury the wire. The DogWatch Hidden Fence range is normally between 3 and 6 feet, property dependent, which radiates in all directions: above and both sides of the boundary wire. Our exclusive user friendly features on our transmitter allows you to adjust the signal field in heavy snow accumulation, if necessary

Is there a guarantee on the DogWatch System?

We offer a lifetime equipment warranty on Dealer installed outdoor units. There is also a limited 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Will DogWatch work with my cat?

Yes! Both the outdoor hidden fences and indoor boundaries work very well for cats. We have also trained pigs, goats, geese and donkeys!

Can You Teach My Dog To Use The System?

Yes! Our perimeter training services are tailored to your dog’s unique personality